Acid reflux pillow use it and relieve yourself now

Acid reflux pillow use it and relieve yourself now

Acid reflux originates when the digestive tract does not close and the flow of acid returns to the esophagus. Which results in irritation in the stomach wall. And as a result, it causes acid reflux. Acid reflux pillow use it and relieve yourself now

To avoid stomach acid reflux, it is suggested to raise your bed, therapeutic pillows. If you want to relieve the pain of acid reflux, start as follows.

Choose your material. The material for the height of the head must be chosen carefully. The use of a therapeutic wedge cushion or bed lifts is suggested. These allow you to ensure that the ideal height remains strong every day.

These are your three main options:

The easiest way is to place a block of cement, books or bricks at the foot of the bed. But near the side of the header.

If you do not think that choice, you can buy wooden or plastic bed lifts that support the posts or legs of the bed. There are also bed wedges that you can put between the springs and the mattress. Also on the mattress, under the sheets.

Acid reflux pillow use it and relieve yourself now

                                                                               Acid reflux pillow use it and relieve yourself now

Raised bed

As an option, you can use a healing wedge pillow to feature a raised bed. However, these can cause neck pain.

Lift your bed correctly. Most importantly, the head of the bed should be measured very carefully. The ideal bed elevation should be between 6 and inches. So it is scientifically proven that that height allows acid reflux to disappear.

Today, the higher the bed is, the better result you will have. But you must measure it well to sleep comfortably. People prefer a height between 15 and 20 cm.

Using a wedge pillow allows you to prevent landslides. Although it may cause neck pain, the wedge pillow is as effective as raising your bed. People usually tend to run on regular pillows. The wedge pillow keeps you in the same position all night.

Also raise the shoulder blades. The confluence between the stomach and the esophagus is located near the lowest part of the shoulder blades. So the shoulder blades must be raised to prevent acid reflux.

In short, do not use normal pillows while you sleep. They can put additional pressure on the abdomen and stimulate upward stomach contents. You can also slide, which will cancel the purpose.



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