Alcohol and kidney stones detect them now

Alcohol and kidney stones detect them now

Alcohol and kidney stones have a lot to do. A kidney stone can be produced by the intake of excess liquor. Then you have to anticipate your consumption and avoid health confusion. Renal calculus is a consistent mass produced by tiny crystals. So the doctor may suggest that you take forecasts and take more personal care. And this can be due to excessive alcohol and make them occur or reproduce. Alcohol and kidney stones

When kidney stones occur due to alcohol intake, the following measures must be taken:

Consume a lot of water and other liquids except liquor
You must know how to combine food and substitute another,  should take medication to help fight kidney stones.
You can also take remedies that allow you to expel the stones. For example they can be anti-inflammatory or anti-blockers

Kidney stones

They are pieces of materials that are produced in the kidney. So they can clog the kidney because they get stuck in it. They can also stay in the ureters, which are the ducts that carry urine from the kidneys to the bladder. On the other hand, they can be from the urethra to the urine driver outside the body from the bladder.

With the calculations you have to be very careful their size can reach up to an arena and even a pearl. Kidney stones by alcohol can impede urinary flow causing severe pain. But they can also leave the body without causing so much pain through the urinary tract.

Alcohol and kidney stones detect them now

Alcohol and kidney stones detect them now

Types of kidney stones

The most common is calcium, combined with other substances, such as oxalate, to form the stone.
There is another calculation created of uric acid and that is when they form because the body contains a lot of acid in the urine.

On the other hand there is the struvite stone, these cause urinary tract infection and cystine stones. The latter are few common and are usually hereditary.

A struvite stone can form after an infection in the urinary tract.

Kidney stone prevention

The person should drink plenty of fluids to prevent and combat all types of stones. It must be kept hydrated, the body needs a lot of fluid to keep the urine in dilution. Taking these forecasts is difficult for the calculations to form.
You should consume a lot of water or ginger tea, soft drinks that contain lemon or fruit-based juices.

On the day you should drink two liters of liquid to produce 2 gallons of urine. You have to drink enough water to keep the urine completely clear, if the urine is yellow it is a sign that you are not drinking water.

In order not to suffer from kidney stones you should minimize the consumption of coffee, cola drinks or tea. Caffeine causes very rapid fluid loss and can cause dehydration.

Food and calcium calculations

You should drink plenty of fluids, preferably water.
Limit salt intake. For example, stop eating Mexican or Chinese food, as well as tomato juice. Canned foods consume a lot of salt.

To avoid kidney stones you should consume foods rich in calcium. For example yogurt, oysters, tofu, milk or cheese.
You should include in your diet the consumption of lemons or oranges, it is suggested to eat them or make juices. These foods contain a lot of citrate and prevent stone formation.

Finally, not to suffer from kidney stones, eat a low-fat diet and consume lean meats.



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