Atkins diet foods… try it now and lose weight

Atkins diet foods… try it now and lose weight

Atkins diet foods… try it now and lose weight. This weight loss or diet to lose weight Atkins is used to consume or eat a diet low in carbohydrates. Many people say that the diet has helped them a lot because they have lost weight by eating protein and fat at will. But as long as you put aside the consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates.

So various studies claim that diets that do not contain as many carbohydrates are effective. And more when it comes to losing weight and they are not risky for health.

In 19733 Dr. Robert C Atkins created and developed the weight loss system, complying with certain parameters. The most important thing is to obtain optimal and surprising results. From there the diet has become common and popular throughout the world.

The diet at its launch was harshly criticized by health authorities of the time. So it provoked excessive intake of saturated fats. But over time it became clear that saturated fat is not harmful to people’s health.

Consuming more protein satisfies the appetite of human beings, which has made the key to the success of diets to lose weight. So the more protein you consume the less calories you eat and this helps you lose weight.

Stages of the Atkins diet foods

The recognized Atkins diet is based on 4 fundamental and differential phases:

Induction stage
The first days of this meal plan you should consume less than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. But for about 14 days. Most importantly, you can consume foods rich in fat, protein and green leafy vegetables. The first stage of the diet helps you lose a certain amount of weight. Atkins diet foods…try it now and lose weight

 Atkins diet foods… try it now

Atkins diet foods… try it now

Balance stage

This stage allows you to gradually add other foods to feed the body. Here the diet allows you to eat nuts, low carb vegetables and small amounts of fruit.

Adjustment phase

Here the person can be very close to achieving their ideal weight. So you can add a certain amount of carbohydrates to your diet and slow down weight loss.

Maintenance phase

This is the fourth and final stage, which allows people to consume carbohydrates. Most importantly, carbohydrates that the body needs without gaining weight.

Some people skip the induction stage and choose to feed on fruits and vegetables but without skipping the diet. So the food choice is extremely effective in achieving the desired goal. Atkins diet foods… try it now and lose weight

Meals that you should not consume in the Atkins diet foods

You should not consume sugars. For example soft drinks, candy, ice cream or fruit juice. Eliminate cereals, that is, wheat, rye or rice. Vegetable oils, soy and corn are prohibited.

Avoid eating bananas, apples, oranges and pears. These fruits have a high level of carbohydrates. Grains like lentils and chickpeas. In addition to beans are excluded from this diet.

You will not be able to eat potatoes because they are based on starch and this food is prohibited in the diet.

What you can consume with the Atkins diet foods

You can taste a piece of meat such as beef, pork, chicken or turkey. Eat lots of seafood. For example salmon, tuna or sardines. Includes eggs in the diet is a nutritious food.

You can eat spinach, broccoli or kale or other green leafy vegetables. An ideal nut would be almonds, nuts, or pumpkin seeds.

And for dressing you can use extra virgin olive oil.

The Atkins diet, seeks a healthy and effective way to lose weight and achieve the perfect body.




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