Back pain discovers its origin and disturbances

Back pain discovers its origin and disturbances

Approximately 80% of the population in the world suffers from back pain sometime in life.
The condition is a constant problem and is rarely related to a serious illness, however, it causes disability.
The diagnosis of lumbago is established by hospital history and a medical examination. Most importantly, it does not cause uncomfortable or expensive tests. Backaches can be calmed when you exercise or occasionally use pain relievers. Back pain discovers its origin and disturbances

So a backache is merely a backache. It can lodge in the lumbar spine or it can radiate to the buttocks and / or legs.

Hidden diseases

Mechanical disturbances are the source of back pain incidents. Although it is very rare that back pain is the result of more than 60 more serious diseases. And cause serious disability and an increase in medical bills.

People who suffer from back pain can be cured in a week or two. And 90% recover in two months.
Ailments that disturb the back can be classified as mechanical and systemic.

Mechanical disorders that cause back ailments are:

Tense muscles, usually in relation to sustained exercises. For example, gardening or long-term driving. Penetrating dislocations can also occur when performing common activities with a twisting or rotating movement position.

                                                                 Back pain discovers its origin and disturbances


Osteoarthritis is the result of constriction of the discs located between the spine. This constriction occurs frequently as a result of old age.

The adjacent vertebrae unfold buttresses in response to the increase in localized pressure. Bone increases cause localized back ailment or leg pain if the nerves are stepped on.

An intervertebral disc herniation can cause back ailments associated with muscle seizures. As well as severe leg ailments when the disc forces a nerve in the back. Disc hernias can cause nerve function breakdown.

Spinal stenosis is a constriction of the canal that occupies the spinal cord. This narrowing causes the growth of bone spurs around the joints of the spine. In addition the growth of vertebral tendons or a herniated disc.

Muscle pain

The compressed canal veins the nerve roots that cause leg pain, clumsiness or exhaustion.

Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis is due to the phenomenal increase in bones. So it can disturb the vertebra from the neck to the lower back and cause pain and stiffness.

Among the systemic diseases that back pain can cause are ankylosing spondylitis. As well as tumors, spinal infections or osteoporosis. Back pain discovers its origin and disturbances.



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