Back pain on the left side: What is the reason?

Back pain on the left side: What is the reason?

Back pain on the left side can be caused by diseases such as gastroenteritis or osteoporosis. Back pain on the left side can be for various reasons. So only a specialist is the one who can give an accurate diagnosis. It may be that the left back pain is due to various discomforts with greater or lesser mildness. But also with continued ways or arrests.

Causes of back pain on the left side

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you might suffer from back pain on the left side. This situation has become routine in modern society and is the main problem of the cause. But back pain can also be from a specific area such as lumbar, dorsal or cervical.

The discomfort in the left cervical area can be caused by three elements of involvement:

A disunity in the affected musculature and can be improved with absolute rest. As well as by a dislocation of soft tissue ligaments that can cause strong ailments in the region. As well as a physical trauma as a result of old age or a use either due to the effects of aging or a large use of the damaged area.

The left side of the back may be disturbed by severe pain that incapacitates the daily tasks. So it can be caused by a herniated disc due to a vertebral dislocation.

The area is probably afflicted by excess muscle stiffness which can wear it out and cause acute pain.

The left posterior area can also cope with bone loss due to poor posture. As well as ailments motivated to conditions such as gastroenteritis or osteoporosis.

The left part of the back is sensitive to pain. Like dorsalgia, this girdle can be disturbed by a herniated disc. So it can cause acute pain because the nerve roots pinch each other.

On the other hand, kidney stones can cause back pain. The doctors can identify them as a previous sign in the lower back.

Other pathologies that cause pain in the left part of the back, can be:

Urinary infections can cause back pain, accompanied by chills, frequent urination, fever, blood in the urine. It may be that the infection has reached the kidneys. This is called pyelonephritis and requires immediate medical attention.

It can also cause back pain, ovarian cysts, tuboovarian abscess, ovarian and tubal pathologies. Just as endometrosis can cause pain by staying on the left side of the back. In women, ovulation menstruation and premenstrual syndrome can cause back pain. To improve this situation is to rest by placing a bag with hot water and an anti-inflammatory.

Heart attacks, angina pectoris and inflammation of the pancreas can cause back pain in the left area. Especially in the waist or rib. If the discomfort is persistent, you should see a doctor promptly.

What to do when there is pain in the left side of the back

In most of the times, the left back pain is not serious. But it is necessary to go to the doctor because you may be presenting a picture of conditions that can harm you.

Here are some signs that let you know that you should go to the doctor:

• If you have fever and malaise. The ailments extend up to seven days or more
• The ailments are more intense and prevent you from doing routine work. For example sleeping, walking or eating.
• If the pain expands to other body areas
• If you urinate very often and urinate with blood

Then go to a medical review because the left back pain can lead to more serious situations.



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