Back pain on the right side, why?

Back pain on the right side, why?

Backaches can be caused by bad postures when you sleep. Also when you sit or stand. You cannot put aside when you exercise excessively or practice a sport very quickly or unconsciously.

Backaches may be greater than on one side than on the other. And they generate discomfort that concerns the right side of the back.

When a back pain is located in a specific area of ​​the back is because the area is suffering from an injury. If the involvement is prolonged it is advisable to visit the doctor.

Frequent causes of back pain on the right side

Back pain on the right side can be caused by inflammation, bumps, old age or wear and tear due to infection. When you suffer from back pain you may be suffering various causes.

So these may be some of them:

Muscle spasms, are located by a severe tension in the area. It also causes and adopts improper posture during the improper use of physical efforts. For example, when lifting weight or lifting it from the floor. It is usually bent down and pulled hard from the vertebral. These movements can cause a muscular dislocation or a strain.

Sciatica is another of the most frequent sources of pain in the right part of the back. It is induced by agitation or squeezing of the sciatic nerve, which extends to the extremities.

The medical condition may be accompanied by some signs such as tingling, muscle weakness, pain in the hip and rare sensations in the legs.

Back pain on the right side, why?

Back pain on the right side, why?

Urinary tract

Another condition is urinary infections, causing severe back pain on the right side. This pain affects the urinary tract and is due to the entry of bacteria into the body and is annoying. Pregnant women or diabetic patients tend to suffer from cystisis.

Vaginal inflammation that results in gallstones can cause severe discomfort on the right side of the back.
As well as drinking excess liquor. Just as doing an inappropriate diet causes bladder stones and as it increases in size, it becomes inflamed and causes pain. It can also damage the kidneys by spreading pain from the lower back to the right shoulder.

Health Risks

When you suffer from appendicitis you can generate great back pain in the right area. You can treat this condition in time, but it can cause you greater risks to your health.

A blow from the right side of the back is another usual rib trauma. They are very strong pains and their recovery is very slow.

Finally, disc herniations can cause back pain on the right side. Being produces stitches in the nerves of the back causing serious ailments. There the pain can spread to other areas of the body by the pressure that the disc makes on the nerves.

If you feel back pain it is advisable to visit the doctor so that you receive adequate treatment.



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