Chest pain of esophageal origin

Chest pain of esophageal origin

This disease is determined when the person feels burning in the anterior area of ​​the chest. But it can reach the jaw, affecting the back, arm and its duration is variable. Chest pain can be caused if you chew badly, eat hurriedly or consume many hot or cold drinks. Chest pain of esophageal origin

DTE may occur once you lie down and may wake you up. If you have a sport activity routine, it is difficult for you to suffer from chest pain.

When you feel difficulty swallowing food, or you feel burning behind the breastbone or it causes you to vomit, you may suffer from DTE.


The diagnosis of chest pain begins with x-rays that require ingesting a barium contrast.  Endoscopy allows you to determine the wounds caused by acid reflux. It also determines the alterations related to stomach ulcers or duodenum or hiatus hernia. In summary you have to give an assessment to the esophagus.

To determine the disease it is necessary to make a study of the acids present in the esophagus.  This determines the amount of acid reflux and about 60% of the results are effective. But if it does not determine the pathology, it is advisable to practice a stationary esophageal manometry. That is, to record the pressure changes inside the esophagus through a probe with transducers.

With the study of transducers it is possible to know the esophageal motor disorder. In the provocation tests the acid sensitivity is measured. In addition to determining the contractions of the esophagus that reproduces the DTE.



Go to bed after three after eating

Do not gain weight or smoke
Avoid eating chocolates or fats of any kind
You should not drink alcohol
You can use pillows that allow you to raise your head

Among the laboratory medicines, acid production inhibitors are essential:

Omeprazole, rabeprazole, esomeprazole, lansaprazole and pantoprazole.  DTE improves up to 97%. It is necessary to carry out a test treatment before self-medicating without having scientific results.

On the other hand, when the pain is very intense, and it is not possible to control, you may have to undergo surgical treatment. For example, antireflux by laparoscopy its effectiveness is between 85 and 96%.

When pathologies such as esophageal motor disorders occur, it is suggested to medicate with isosorbide dinitrate or diltiazen. But it must be with prevention it can cause side effects.



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