Cookie diet the new way to lose weight

Cookie diet the new way to lose weight

There are currently multiple diets that offer you to lose weight in weeks. But many of those diets in the end do not become routine and because of their taste they fail to achieve what they are looking for. Cookie diet the new way to lose weight

So lately the implementation of the cookie diet is frequently heard. This is that instead of eating food, eat a lot of cookies.

These cookie diets are designed for each of the people who wish to take this style to lose weight.

How is the cookie diet?

The diet is very simple, easy and practical. The latest tendency to lose weight is to consume cookies at all three meals of the day. That is to say at breakfast, lunch and dinner. But some procedures recommend limiting your diet at night to a certain number of calories.

What do cookie diets offer?

Certain companies offer muffins, milkshakes and broths. The corporations that offer the products ensure that their cookies will favor you in losing weight. Its ingredients vary. But its complement of proteins or fibers are intended to take care of appetite at bay.

Cookie diet the new way to lose weight

                                                                                   Cookie diet the new way to lose weight

How much can cookies cost?

Cookies are not cheap at all. But its price may be less than the food to replace. For example, the Hollywood cookie diet is priced at $ 100 and lasts more than 21 days.

Other cookies you can buy are those of Dr. Siegal. There you can get a four-week package for only $ 250. And the Smart cookies offered can cost around $ 209 but they give you up for five weeks.

You may be able to lose weight with any of the cookie diet because you are going to consume fewer calories. Of course you can combine the food of your dinners. However, you should moderate food consumption during it.

Note that cookie diets do not teach you a way to eat healthy. So probably any weight loss you get keep it short, medium and long term.

In addition, there are meal plans that offer a variety of cookies or other meal replacements. But you may not be able to quench your appetite.

When can you not do this diet?

If you are overweight, and want to lose pounds you can reduce the risk of having high blood pressure. In addition to heart disease and diabetes. However, if you suffer from diabetes of any grade, eating cookies as food is counterproductive. So you can uncontrol the sugar levels. But even more when you are medicated with insulin. So don’t do this diet without your doctor’s permission.

Also make sure your food, as well as cookies, adapts to any other dietary restrictions  you may have. Don’t forget to check if the cookies are low in cholesterol, salt or protein.



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