Diabetic ketoacidosis… learn to detect it

Diabetic ketoacidosis… learn to detect it

The disease that attacks people with diabetes is known as diabetic ketoacidosis. In addition, the condition puts the health of the human being at risk. Diabetic ketodiasis occurs when the body breaks down fat quickly. The disease process occurs when the liver transforms fat into an impeller called ketone. And this component converts blood into acid. Diabetic ketoacidosis… learn to detect it.

Diabetic ketoacidosis…Causes

Diabetic ketoacidosis… learn to detect it the CAD the body has a poor insulin production:

Blood sugar does not reach the blood cells to be a booster, the liver produces blood sugar but in extreme quantity. The body alters fat to a high degree

The liver disrupts the fat and transforms it into a propellant known as ketone. Ketones usually originate when the body disorganizes the fat after each feeding. Ketones develop rapidly and are stored in the blood and urine.
In many cases, CAD are indications for type 1 diabetes in humans who have not been diagnosed. But a diagnosed person can suffer the same. When people suffer from infection, a wound, insulin elevation or an operation can cause CDA.

Patients with type 2 diabetes may have CDA. Although it is less aggressive and uncommon in them. It is usually released by an uncontrolled glucose value in the blood for a certain time. As well as stop implementing a medication or some high risk infection.


Diabetic cetoacidosis

Diabetic cetoacidosis


Loss of knowledge, altered breathing and intense, the skin and mouth suffer from dryness, blush of the , Fruit breath. Frequent pee or need to drink plenty of water, headache, muscle stiffness and stomach upset y cravings and vomiting. Diabetic ketoacidosis… learn to detect it

Tests and exams

Studies to determine ketones can be performed in type 1 diabetic patients to detect ketoacidosis in time.

If the ketone test is positive, it is necessary to measure the level of beta-hydroxybutyrate in the blood.
The intention of practicing the process is to correct high blood sugar values ​​with insulin.  As well as recovering appetite.

When the person has diabetes, the doctor should let him know how to detect CAD. So when presuming the presence of CAD in the body, you must evaluate by means of strip diabetic ketoacidosis.

Complications of CAD

You may suffer a stroke or stroke
Heart attack y  Renal deficiency
For the diabetic patient it is advisable to know how to identify the symptoms of CAD entry. Diabetic ketoacidosis… learn to detect it




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