Diabetic neuropathy a sweet disease

Diabetic neuropathy a sweet disease


Diabetes disease generates diabetic neuropathy in the nerves of the body.  The signs of neuropathy are presented with body movements. They also make digestion work.

Neuropathy is identified as peripheral, which damages the nerves that affect the hands and feet. In many cases the arms and hands. There is also the autonomic are the nerves that give way to the It is a damage to the nerves that control the inner limbs.

So this type of neuropathy can cause damage to the heart and blood pressure. As well as in the digestive system, the sexual organs, the sweat glands.

Types of neuropathy

Focal neuropathy affects the particular nerves but often in the hands, legs, torso and head.

On the other hand, proximal neuropathy has effects on the nerves in the buttocks, thighs and hip. These nerves make more weight on only one side of the body. This type of neuropathy causes extreme weight loss.

Patients with diabetes are highly likely to suffer severe nerve damage. So you should have good control to avoid diabetic neuropathy.

When human beings have diabetes, they can have nerve damage if they have:

• Obesity
• High blood pressure
• Good and bad high cholesterol
• Suffering from the kidneys in an advanced state
• Drink lots of alcoholic drinks
• Has a smoking habit

The signs and signs of diabetic neuropathy may depend on the degree of diabetes of the person.

People should go to the doctor regularly so as not to neglect health and measure the degree of blood sugar. If you feel that you are suffering from this symptom, do not neglect and visit the doctor. They are the experts in detecting this type of diseases.



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