Exercises that relieve knee pain

Exercises that relieve knee pain

Knee pains are usually common in children, adults and elderly people. Knee pains can be caused by a cartilage tear, infections, ligaments, gout or arthritis.  Exercises that relieve knee pain

To relieve knee pain it is advisable to do physiotherapy or use devices that allow you not to mobilize the knee. Although to relieve pain in the knee you can reach the operation. Before making the decision to practice any exercise to relieve knee pain, consult a doctor.

Exercises is the best treatment to calm knee conditions. The exercises allow the knees to remain firm to elasticity. As well as the muscle like the cartilage.

Physical activities are used to protect the cartilage in motion and thus invigorate the muscles and prevent future injuries.

Relief of knee pain


To strengthen the knees and the quadriceps it is convenient that you grab a board and lie down. But that if in a comfortable place, for example bed, yoga mat. You can also lift your legs without flexing them and have firm knees.
It is suggested that you should do the exercise 3 or 4 times and post course with a break. So if you practice any sport there you have the treatment to cure knee pains.

Another way to relieve knee pain is to sit in the air, so that you can flex your knees and regain your strength. So rest your back on the wall and do not put your feet together on the wall, that is, it must be separated. Then you must descend slowly until you manage to sit in the air.

The exercise should be done for a time of 10 to 15 seconds. It must be slowly reinstated until repeated several times. It is suggested to perform the exercise five times a day, and do repetitions of 10 times.

Exercises that relieve knee pain

                                                                                 Exercises that relieve knee pain

Flexed knees

You must throw yourself on the floor and stretch your legs and bend the other with and rest with the other foot. So you should lift the leg that you are stretching and keep it in position for 10 seconds or more.

Then you must flex your leg and repeat it with the one you had bent. Physical activity allows you to work your abdomen and it is suggested to use a mat. You should do the exercises gently and effortlessly, do it as far as your leg reaches you.

Leg extension

You can do it in two ways. The first one you can sit on the floor directly. Or lay down slowly. But you should raise your leg straight about 20 cm above the floor. So you must hold the position for 10 seconds and lower it when your knees are bent. For each leg you should do the exercise 10 times.


Walking allows you to relieve knee pain, it is a super healthy exercise. This physical activity does not compromise the cardiac levels nor will you risk the joints of the feet, hip or knee.

To relieve knee pain, walk with a firm and persistent step between half an hour or forty minutes, it brings many benefits. Remember it is not running, much less jogging, but it is not a ride.

Walking helps you increase cardiorespiratory volume, reduce or increase blood pressure and not suffer heart disease. Just as osteroporosis stops because bone mass is increased, fleshy mass and flexibility increase. You can also lose weight and strengthen joints.  Exercises that relieve knee pain



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