Know what are the types of headache

Know what are the types of headache

Headaches are caused by lesions in tissues that trigger cells known as nociceptors. These receptors absorb mechanical, thermal and chemical signals that indicate possible damage to the body. Know what are the types of headache

There are studies that highlight that there are currently around 150 types of headaches. Which are classified as primary, secondary and other headaches.

Unlike the secondary ones, primary headaches occur in the absence of physical disorder, so they are not dangerous.

Tension headache

This headache is the most common of all. In addition to stress or physical causes. For example the intense and continuous contraction of the muscles of the neck or jaw.

This headache usually manifests itself as a constant tension or pressure on both sides of the head. In the most intense cases, even touching the affected muscles can cause pain.

Know what are the types of headache

                                                                                  Know what are the types of headache


They are headaches caused by the acceleration of neurons in the mental cortex. Some doctors attribute migraine to the tightness of brain blood vessels. This causes blood and oxygen to not reach the brain correctly. However, the vascular assumption of migraine has lost support in the recent past.

This head discomfort causes a more penetrating discomfort than that of most tension headaches. Migraines are usually based on emotions equivalent to punctures or palpitations on one side of the head. Know what are the types of headache

Tuscan Headache

It is caused by significant compensation among people who go to the doctor as a result of intense cough.
Some signs of tusiogenic headache are nausea, dizziness and sleep disorders.

By physical effort

They are those in which the signals are not complete to any intracranial cause, but simply to the practice of very intense exercise. Abnormal blood flow can cause parts of the nervous system to suffer.

Headaches are psychotic and somatization disorders. Also resistant in the representation of physical symptoms in defection of identifiable medical research. Know what are the types of headache



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