Discover muscle spasms in the back

Discover muscle spasms in the back

Spasms are small instinctive muscle contractions that occur suddenly. The discs that most develop to suffer these movements are both lumbar and cervical. And they have a very insufficient persistence although, in very specific cases, they can be extended for a longer time. Discover muscle spasms in the back

When the back muscles convulse in this way, the bloody flow of the accretion area.

Causes of muscle spasms

However, periodic syndromes can be considered in numerous cases of ailments related to the back area.
Among the causes that produce muscle spasms can be: a garrafal use of the muscles during the practice of some physical activity. In addition, muscle injuries caused by an automobile event or by the practice of contact sports. As well as muscular exhaustion, a herniated disc, swelling, weakness, diabetes, spondylolysis, multiple hardening. It can also be for a bad position held for a long period of time.

Treatment of back spasms

To limit possible swelling and recognize muscle spasms, treat them by imposing cold. This serves to prevent an increase in pain.

It is also useful to rest physically during the first two or three days after the reproduction of the lesion. Thus the muscles are properly replenished although absolute rest is not advisable because it can be more harmful than beneficial.

Another good technique is to exalt the legs to soothe back pressure. This technique can be by the use of cushions to lift the lower extremities with respect to the position of the pelvis. But also through the use of a stool to support the feet.

The medical process through sedatives and anti-inflammatories should be recommended by a medical professional. In addition, you can visit a physiotherapist who develops a simple exercise chart. Most importantly, to be able to stretch and strengthen the musculature of the affected area.




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