Heartburn relief during pregnancy

Heartburn relief during pregnancy

Women when they expect a baby usually suffer from heartburn from certain foods they consume. Heartburn or heartburn, is a disturbance that is made daily in pregnancy. Heartburn relief during pregnancy

When the period progresses progressively, many women suffer from heartburn. That is when the discomfort occurs and the gastric juices that rise into the esophagus appear. And this results in a burning that reaches the throat. Sometimes that discomfort can cause vomiting in food. It is common in pregnant women, who suffer from flatus and feel the need to spit saliva often and very clearly.


When seeking to relieve heartburn discomfort, medications are available. And thus fight the ailment or burning in the stomach. But you can also implement lifestyles that help you improve discomfort:

Do not feed yourself with copious meals, avoid foods seasoned with seasonings in spices and fats.
Set aside flatulent foods and soft drinks. Most importantly, bicarbonate increases pain because it distends the stomach.

Try to enjoy food and chew food with ease. You should chew slowly the food you eat.
Try to be relaxed when doing digestion and loosening your head. So the head must be above the body.
If you can drink a glass of milk before going to sleep it would be great, milk neutralizes the acid.


If you have respected certain advice and the above, but the acidity persists take the following forecasts.
When you feel acidity, do not go to bed after eating.

Lift the legs of the head of the bed to feel stomach relief.

If it is uncomfortable for you, the attending physician should recommend an antacid, but do not mistreat the fetus.

Heartburn relief during pregnancy

                                                                                              Heartburn relief during pregnancy

Treatment to prevent heartburn in pregnancy

In pregnancy, women feel that typical change in them, but they are careful to deal with the discomfort.
Discard the food with coffee, chocolate, soda, mayonnaise, industrialized juices, pepper, alcoholic drinks and mustard.

Do not drink liquids while feeding

Eat grapes, bananas, pear, milky, mango, peach and apples regularly. But they are very mature.
To facilitate digestion chew food well

Avoid going to bed once you finish eating, at least stay up for half an hour after eating
Avoid tight clothes and belly

Eat several times a day, but in small portions

It favors the flow and acidity, placing a splint on the head of the bed so the body is not completely horizontal

Avoid cigarette exposure and much less smoke

Do not feed 2 or 3 hours before bed

Not all symptoms are the same for pregnant women that depends on each genetics. But it must be taken into account that the acid may increase from the third month of pregnancy



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