Belt for back pain use them now

Belt for back pain use them now

Back pain caused by low back pain affects a large part of the community. And it is usually caused by transformations of the different structures that make up the spine. For example ligaments, vertebrae muscles, vertebral discs. Belt for back pain use them now

In recent times, many companies have designed a technology that can prevent pain in the lower back. As well as rehabilitate the damages caused. Back pain belts are usually effective in relieving pain.

The new tool is to cure low back pain. The device is a belt that patients should wear around the lower back. It also circumscribes an accumulation of sensors that reveal if the posture is not correct.

Belt for back pain use them now

                                                                                        Belt for back pain use them now

The combination of the myoelectric activity that technology obtains in each muscular moment detects whether the posture is good or bad. It also measures the oblique, erector and lower dorsal muscles.

The device sends all the information to a computer for the therapist to track. The device includes a group of sensors that detect if the posture is not correct.

So the lumbia meets a double objective. On the one hand, reestablish the pathologies as an evaluation instrument that provides the therapist with reliable information. On the other hand, it seeks to prevent wear in healthy patients with a higher risk of lower back pain. But the posture must be re-educated.

Low back pain, a universal problem

Lumbar spine diseases and their relationship with work cause many individuals to suffer. Between 5 and 25% of the population has suffered a low back pain. But this incidence increases to 50% in working age.

Healthy Technologies

The belts help the patient improve back mobility. The system offers this service for the elderly and their caregivers. It also allows the user to be permanently communicated and located. It incorporates the functionality of automatic fall detection and a set of intelligent alarms.

Put into practice and calm back pain with a belt for the discomforts you may feel.



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