Know and discover about back tension

Know and discover about back tension

Sprains and nervousness in the back are very common musculoskeletal abuse in people. Mainly because the spine is not profiled to fit many modern movements and behaviors. For example, playing sports, doing repetitive actions at work and sitting for long periods of time. Learn about back strain

While distensions are injuries to the ligaments and joints. So a strain is an injury to the muscles or tendons, the robust tissues that link the tendons with the bones.

The frequently stiffer part of the spine is the lower lumbar region. But for all the weight and strength he must resist.
Mostly back tensions are relieved by themselves. However, in some cases, professional treatment will be necessary.

To treat back tension you need to rest and give yourself time. Tensions in the back or muscle pain can occur when a lot of weight is lifted. Also when they execute movements with great insistence, you move hard or have an accident. For example, a fall, a car accident or an athletic injury.

When the person feels pain from a tense muscle, he must paralyze the activity that caused it and rest. Usually two or three days are recommended so that the soft and moderate back stresses heal.

Learn about back strain

Learn about back strain


Acute lower back tensions between 80% and 90% are relieved in the first three months. Most importantly, without affecting the treatment that is prescribed.

The discomfort of muscular tensions is usually represented as deaf, painful or stabbing, sometimes strong with movement.

The ligaments recover faster if you put it to rest from the energetic or repetitive exercises, although the complete inactivity. When the person goes to bed, muscle pain may increase more.

When you suffer from back strain, with household chores or chores you help circulation and relieve your back muscles. So they heal faster. When you get up you should walk slowly a few minutes every certain hour.

If back pain is prolonged longer than is due to recover, it is an alarm of a more serious injury. So it requires professional medical attention.

Back tensions can be cured by placing ice on the new lesion. There may possibly be a swelling that helps your pain if the back strain is new. That is, acute, within 48 to 72 hours of an injury and is not something that happens constantly.




A cold therapy with ice or something frozen should be performed to acute musculoskeletal injuries is very beneficial. By doing this treatment, the small blood vessels are contracted near the lesion and prevents the inflammation from increasing.

Preventing inflammation reduces swelling, which minimizes discomfort and hardness. Do this therapy for about 15 minutes at a time or until numbness every hour until the pain and inflammation are significantly reduced.

Some days of cold therapy can be done if the acute injury is moderate or severe.

Moderate or severe muscle aches are usually stabbing and involve injuries below the surface of the skin. But due to a tear in the muscle fibers and damaged blood vessels. Performing this therapy can restrict the bumps and cause it to fade quickly.



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