Knee injuries detect them very fast

Knee injuries detect them very fast

Knee injuries are common, and especially when doing physical activity. The most common are those that originate in soft tissues. For example in tendons and ligaments. However, the bones may be damaged. Knee injuries detect them very fast

Types of knee injuries

The most common knee injuries are as follows:

• Knee sprain: one or more tendons extend too much because of a sprain or strain. Because of this, the fiber can tear or break.
• Tear: a ligament or tendon stretches too much.
• Meniscus lesion: fibrocartilage is a crescent-shaped disc called meniscus. The most important thing works as a knee cushion.
• Huge use of the knee: this knee contusion is very common in runners.

 Knee injuries detect them very fast

                                                                                    Knee injuries detect them very fast

Injuries to the knee ligaments

Tendons link bones to each other. Those outside the knee joint are called the internal lateral ligament and the external lateral ligament. These support the knee, facilitating stability and restricting lateral movement.

The internal lateral ligament is a strong tendon. However, it can cope with a sprain or completely shattered if the stretched leg bends at the same time as it shakes roughly to the side.

The external lateral tendon is a kind of thin and strong cord that runs along the outside of the knee. It also links the base of the femur to the head of the fibula (one of the bones of the lower leg). It does not damage itself, but it may be necessary to repair it if you have damaged other ligaments.

Causes of knee injuries

You can injure your knee in the following cases:

If you receive a blow or if you move out of range of what is customary in the movement. If you suffer a fall or land you in a forced position.

When you practice a particular sport that involves running, stopping or jumping. Or if you make frequent changes of direction like football.

If you are very overweight than usual, or suffer from osteoarthritis or gout.

If you hit the dashboard of the car in an accident.



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