Hypnosis a new method to lose weight

Hypnosis a new method to lose weight

The new way to lose weight is called hypnobanda, which is a system to achieve weight loss. So the guidelines to comply with this new method are very easy to comply, to achieve the task: lose weight.

Hypnobanda or hypnosis promotes many advantages for people who are overweight. The first one that you are not going to undergo any operation, which means zero risks. On the other hand, with the work of the mind and the gastric band, you eat less and satisfy the anxiety. This takes 30 minutes.

You can use the diet of the hypnoband until you reach your ideal size or weight, although you can withdraw it whenever you want. This diet allows you to eat whatever you want, so you will not suffer from anorexia.

The technique of the hipnobanda can be used after 18 years. Although patients with eating problems are set aside. In addition to sugar patients who are insulin dependent and who feel hot frequently.

Hypnosis a new method to lose weight

Hypnosis a new method to lose weight

Formalities of the method

The first thing you should do is change habits and thoughts. Here you must choose what you want to eat. Foods get fat if they are consumed in excess, so the feeding attitude must be psychological.

On the other hand, we must respect the appetite indicators to satisfy the desire to eat. So you must maintain the firmness of feeling anxious about any food you want to eat.

With hypnosis to lose weight, you must respect the rigid schedules so as not to fill up and not leave the plate empty. On the other hand, it is not necessary to eat until the plate is empty. You must have self-awareness and ask yourself if you are really hungry and want to eat.


This tool is placed to the person once he has accepted that healthy fruits and vegetables. And that instead of eating fats and sausages it is preferable to consume the fruits.

This mechanism consists in doing relaxation exercises to manage the unconscious. So the patient is believed to have the gastric band, but in reality it is imaginary. The most important thing plays an important role in the unconscious of the person.

The results of hypnosis for some are effective in a few, for others it takes a little longer. That is, it depends on the unconscious to assume the nutritional changes that you have undergone. In short, hypnosis is a new system to achieve the figure you’ve always wanted.



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