Key foods to regulate blood pressure

Key foods to regulate blood pressure

When the human being suffers from high or low blood pressure he must have an eating routine so as not to take risks. But you should also keep a routine of exercises and activities to keep the tension at a good level.
Here are some foods to have blood pressure as it should be:


It has vasodilator effect is a food that contains medicinal possessions. Garlic allows you to purify the bloodstream. It is also antibacterial and antifungal. Garlic in favor of tension works as a vasodilator of capillaries and arteries. Garlic should be taken one a day or consumed in sauces, paddles or raw.


This legume has almost the same characteristics of garlic. So it helps prolong the blood vessels and good circulation. It is necessary to include it in the diet. So you should eat a raw or cooked onion daily. Also, if you eat it raw, it is marinated or with apple cider vinegar.

Key foods to regulate blood pressure

                                                                                                        Key foods to regulate blood pressure

Olive Oil

You can consume this oil in vegetables and salads. It is super rich and antioxidants, and has a high content of vitamin E. But the excess of free essentials roams nitric oxide, a substance with vasodilator effects. You can use 3 or 4 tablespoons daily.


You can eat them 4 or 5 times a week. These foods are regulators at different levels. They have a high content of fiber, minerals, vitamins and proteins. The most important thing you can consume legumes 4 to 5 times weekly. Prepare soups, salads, stew or hummus.

Purifying and diuretic celery

You can consume it in juice every day. It is suggested to use 4 stems. You can also use it in creams, salads, vegetable juices or cooked. It helps to eliminate sodium in the urine and reduce the volume of arterial blood.

Pear, rich in potassium

This fruit is ideal for tension because it does not contain fats. It is rich in water and contains a high degree of potassium and does not have much sodium.

Hemp seeds with omega-3

You can collect foods such as flax, chia and nuts. Most importantly, they have a high degree of omega-3. These foods are anti-inflammatory and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Nuts can redeem the arterial wall. You can consume two tablespoons per day of hemp seeds in sauces, smoothies or sauces.

Coconut water, similar to blood plasma

Due to its high content of potassium and magnesium, it has cardioprotective effects. It promotes body hydration and looks like a blood plasma. Key foods to regulate blood pressure



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