Detects muscle pain in the lower back

Detects muscle pain in the lower back

When people suffer a muscular discomfort in the back, they are caused by incidents of lumbagos. They are caused by damage to tendons or tendons in the lower back. Detects muscle pain in the lower back

There are muscle strains can result in serious injuries. Low back pain can be surprisingly serious. So every year is the cause of many visits to the emergency room.

There are two pathologies of muscular pains in the lower back:

tendon strain originates when the nerve is developed in abundance or torn and this causes damage to the muscle nerves.

A lumbar sprain occurs when the tendons get too stretched or deteriorate. Tendons are very hard and vigorous tissues that link muscles with bones and joints.

In summary it does not matter if the origin of the pain is a muscle strain or a sprained ligament. The treatment and prognosis are the same.

When tendons or fibers in the lower back suffer a strain or sprain, the area around the muscles becomes inflamed. The swelling creates a back spasm, and this causes both acute low back pain and conflict to move.

Detects muscle pain in the lower back

                                                                                   Detects muscle pain in the lower back

Frequent causes of muscle strain in the back

Low back pain from a muscle strain is caused by movements that cause undue stress on the lower back. Frequent causes include lifting an object while turning the body, sudden movement or falling, lifting a heavy object.

Sports fractures are frequent factors of muscle strain in the back. But especially in sports that require turning the body. For example golf or forced movements.

Symptoms of muscle strain in the back

Signs can include from a mild ailment to sudden debilitating pain. The symptoms of a lower muscle sprain include:

The pain is completely located in the lower back. This means that it does not radiate to the leg
The lower back can hurt if they bump it
The ailment usually arises suddenly
There may be muscle shivers
The patient feels better when resting, and walking or standing may be difficult.

Severe back pain can be resolved quickly. But a pain of minimal energy or interrupted exacerbations of pain can continue for a few weeks or months.



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