Learn about eye migraine and stop it now

Learn about eye migraine and stop it now

This pathology is a type of eye headache and is housed on one side of the head or near the eye. It presents with discomforts that affect the person’s vision. It is also known as ophthalmic migraine. Learn about eye migraine. Learn about eye migraine and stop it now.

Causes of Eye Migraines

The disease or headaches are caused by neurological agents that affect the brain. They can also cause hormonal changes, reactions to certain foods, flashing lights, and medications. Eye migraine can be caused by chocolate, milk, caffeine and alcohol. But also due to lack of sleep, hunger, stress or changes in the weather.

On the other hand, among the causes you might suffer from epilepsy, sickle cell anemia, lupus or depression. But we must clarify that the eye migraine is not known what causes it.

When the disease develops they can cause seizures in the blood vessels of the retina. And this results in a contraction of the blood supply to the eye.

In addition to changes that radiate through the nerve cells of the retina. This affectation can cause temporary loss of sight or deformation in one eye.

Learn about eye migraine

Learn about eye migraine

Symptoms of Eye Migraines

The main symptoms are visual ones, although it can cause other discomforts.

Scintillating scotomas in one or both eyes. They are tiny obfuscated points that emerge in the central vision. And they can be accompanied by blinking lights in the visual field. In short, scotomas usually appear in the central vision, and can reach the field of vision.

It can also cause vision loss that can only affect one eye.

The person may suffer from diplopia (double vision)

Headaches, initially fluctuating that cause pain on only one side of the skull. You can increase when you make efforts and press in intensity.

Unusual sensitivity to resonance or light.

Vomiting and nausea

Treatment of Eye Migraines

To calm the discomfort it is recommended to take anti-inflammatories, triptans or analgesics. But when the discomfort occurs frequently between 5 or 6 times monthly it is advisable to go to the specialist. This way you will receive a preventive treatment. You can relieve discomfort with tricyclic antidepressants, to treat epilesia or anticonvulsants. This way you will prevent them from causing side effects and minimize the intensity and frequency. Learn about eye migraine and stop it now



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