Learn about systolic arterial hypertension

Learn about systolic arterial hypertension

Isolated systolic blood pressure (HTASA) is common in people over 50. So it affects people by 80% to people who reach 70 years.  Learn about systolic arterial hypertension

People suffering from diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke and chronic kidney disease can suffer from this tension. But also obese people with metabolic syndrome prevail.

Values ​​

Systolic BP values ​​indicate a higher pulse pressure than normal or lower values.

Systolic blood pressure is associated with cardiovascular risks and even more so when it is affected by diastolic pressure. This type of blood pressure can affect people from 18 years of age.

Many people who suffer from systolic blood pressure are unaware that they suffer and do not have adequate control. So they are at greater risk because the type of hypertension is not treated.

Learn about systolic arterial hypertension

                                                                                             Learn about systolic arterial hypertension

Blood pressure

Systolic pressure can affect both men and women and especially people with diabetes. People with advanced ages are prone to suffer from systolic blood pressure. But especially to women with a higher prevalence of diabetes and vascular brain diseases.

For the control of systolic tension it is convenient to intensify efforts to identify and treat these patients properly.
Systolic arterial hypertension, in people over 70 years may represent late effects.

Vascular walls

Systolic blood pressure could be a characteristic for high arterial stiffness due to greater calcification of the vascular wall. HTASA with very low PAD could simply be the consequence of arterial stiffness and not its cause.

The functioning of the aorta is closely related to systolic blood pressure and can cause difficulty in its control.
There are few therapies in reference to systolic arterial hypertension and it can be a marker of vascular damage. That is why we must be very cautious with the use of antihypertensive drugs.

So you suffer from systolic hypertension should lead a relaxed life without much trouble because it can cause death. Systolic hypertension patients should know their values ​​and about diastolic hypertension.

Remember that blood pressure is a measure of duress in the arteries in the activity stages. And resting the heartbeat. Learn about systolic arterial hypertension



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