Learn to prevent back pain in pregnancy

Learn to prevent back pain in pregnancy

Women who are waiting for a baby suffer from bodily alterations. When you are pregnant it is common for you to suffer from backaches. To relieve back pain you must assume excellent posture and exercises until complementary therapies. Learn to prevent back pain in pregnancy

Pregnant women complain frequently with backaches. So it can happen with weight gain, the center of gravity changes and the hormones loosen the tendons of the pelvic joints. Back pain in pregnancy can be prevented or calmed with basic remedies. Learn here how to help and balance back pain.

Have and maintain a good posture

When the baby grows, your center of gravity moves forward. So so you don’t fall, lean back to balance the weight. You can also overload the back muscles reduce back pain.

You must take into account the following positions:

• Stand up straight and with your back straight.
• Keep your chest elevated and shoulders back and relaxed.
• Do not lock your knees.

Good composure means sitting well. Choose a chair that supports your back, or place a small pillow behind your lower back.

Learn to prevent back pain in pregnancy

Learn to prevent back pain in pregnancy

Get the right equipment

Wear low heels, but not flat, also with an excellent preferably orthopedic insole. Discard high heels because they can cause you to fall. You can evaluate the use of a support belt for pregnant women.

Lift weight properly

You must squat and get up with your legs when lifting any object. Avoid straining with your back and don’t bend your knees. So evaluate your limits and do not hesitate to ask for help if you need it.

Sleep on your side

Never sleep on your back, it is suggested to do it on your side. The knees are preferable to keep them flexed. Use pillows during pregnancy to support you with your knees, and place them under your abdomen and behind your back.

Apply heat, cold and massage

It may be helpful to massage your back or apply a pad with an ice pack.
Incorporate exercises into your daily routine

Physical exercises help you systematize and keep your back strong and relieve back pain during pregnancy. So try gentle exercises, such as walking or water exercises. The physiotherapist also suggest you do stretching and useful activities.

Consider complementary therapies

Acupuncture can relieve back discomfort in pregnancy. Chiropractic treatment may calm some pregnant women.
How to know when to see your health care provider

If you have severe back ailments during pregnancy, talk to your healthcare provider. Keep in mind that back pain in pregnancy can be a symptom of preterm birth or urinary tract infection.



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