Low carb foods consume them now

Low carb foods consume them now

They can be classified as low-carb primary foods to meats, chicken, fish, eggs. In addition to fats such as butter and olive oil.Low carb foods consume them now.

But there are foods that also have low carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables. So you can include them in your daily diet if you intend to lose weight. For example melon, papaya, pumpkin and eggplant.

Carbohydrates are nutrients present in a large majority of processed and refined foods. So you should not consume them so that the diet is effective and thrives.

However, although carbohydrates must be present in the balanced diet. This is because they can cause side effects such as headache, bad mood, difficulty concentrating and even bad breath. Most importantly, to consume it you just have to make an excellent selection to know what carbohydrates you can eat and how much.

Foods high in protein and low in carbohydrates

This item includes foods that do not have many carbohydrates but are rich in protein. For example, meat, chicken, fish, eggs, cheese and natural yogurts are included.

So meat, fish and eggs are foods that don’t have a gram of carbohydrate in their constitution. But milk and its derived products such as cheese, creams of serums, if they have carbohydrates in small quantities. But milk is the food that contains the most carbohydrates

Low carb foods consume them now

                                                                                               Low carb foods consume them now

Foods high in fat and low in carbohydrates

In this step you can name vegetable oils, soy, sunflower and olive. On the other hand, butter, milk cream, seeds such as chias, sesame, sesame and flaxseed stand out. In addition to crasas such as peanuts, hazelnuts and almonds.

But although milk contains carbohydrates in its composition, cheeses usually have very little carbohydrate.
In the diet you should avoid bacon, sausages, hams and mortadella are also low in carbohydrates and high in fat. But having enough saturated fats and preservatives that are not natural.

Find out about the foods you should refuse when dieting

Fruits and vegetables low in carbohydrates. So we have that among the low carb vegetables is:
Zucchini, chard, watercress, lettuce, asparagus, eggplant, broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, wild cabbage, spinach, cucumber, turnip.

Another alternative to losing weight with food is sugarless teas and coffee. These elements have no carbohydrates and calories. And best of all you can include them in your diet and can be used in weight loss diets.

Example menu low carb



A glass of yogurt, mix it with three tablespoons of granola and accompany it with a chopped peach.

Lunch dinner:

You must prepare an auyama puree, with chicken baked in tomato paste. Also accompany it with lettuce and arugula salad and onion. But with an olive oil dressing.

Snack: A cup of coffee without sugar, a slice of whole wheat toast, an egg and a slice of cheese.

Remember it is advisable to reduce the carbohydrate content in the diet. But it also becomes necessary to consume fewer calories than is spent. So you should have the exercises as a routine to burn the excess fat in the body.




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