Migraine symptom discover them fast

Migraine symptom discover them fast

Migraine presents with a headache, which can be lodged in one part or can affect the head completely. On certain occasions the headache may occur severely or moderately. Migraine occurs frequently, which causes the disabled person to be incapacitated. For example, the condition may force the person to lie down and leave the activities. Know the Migraine symptom.

Migraine can occur 4 to 5 times a month. So it is difficult for the patient to suffer up to 6 times monthly. On the other hand, migraine does not exceed a duration of an entire day, but it can be very short 3 or 4 hours or 72 hours.

The disease presents with headache and visual disturbances. For example, visual distortion, black spots and bright lights. Also with alterations of strength or weakness in language or tingling.  But it is likely that transient neurological alterations remain as a permanent sequel. That is, migrainous cerebral infarction is exceptionally low.

There are migraines that present with double vision, coordination and balance. Know the symptoms of migraine

Migraine symptom discover them fast

                                                                               Migraine symptom discover them fast

Chronic daily headache

People suffer from a headache for 15 days a month or more for three months. So this usually happens when the patient has presented migraine symptoms.

Headache can be associated with abusive consumption of sedatives and ergotics, by self-medication.
Chronic headaches can occur due to the high consumption or not of analgesics. Among which are:

Migraine transformed

This type occurs in people with migraine or migraine histories. And the pain is becoming more frequent and less intense, although they may continue to present overlapping migraine attacks.

Migraine can represent 60-70% of all daily chronic headaches. But when they present it, the patient gradually unwinds the headache more frequently until it is continuous.

The symptoms caused by migraine headache are: phonophobia, nausea and vomiting and in a not so intense form. Most importantly, they can disappear. On the other hand, people who present this type of migraine frequently suffer from nausea, associated phonophobia.

Chronic tension headache

It is the second most frequent chronic daily headache, between 20-30% of cases and is more frequent in women. It occurs in people who have suffered from episodic tension headache. The clinical peculiarities of headache are similar to those of episodic tension headache. They can be of moderate or mild intensity, not aggravated by physical activity, without nausea, photophobia or phonophobia, oppressive character. Know the symptoms of migraine



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