Prevention of diabetes simple elements

Prevention of diabetes simple elements

Changing your lifestyle may be useful to prevent diabetes. So you are on time to start and heal in health. Put into practice the following tips and improvement of the disease.

Prevention in diabetes is very important and more when it comes to the most common diabetes, that is, type 2. So you can prevent it by not gaining weight, if a family member suffers or suffers from diabetes. Also if you have done a study and have been diagnosed with pre diabetes. Although this diagnosis is considered as an alteration of blood sugar and especially fasting.

You can prevent diabetes with very simple and basic elements such as eating healthy. You should have a daily exercise routine and lose a sedentary lifestyle. Also make diet to lose weight.

The earlier you start, you can avoid suffering from diabetes and thus avoid complications. For example, nerve damage, suffering from the heart or kidneys.


Prevention of diabetes

Prevention of diabetes


Take into account the following tips and implement diabetes prevention without complications.

Practice physical exercises

Exercising constantly greatly favors the health of the human being. Exercise allows you to lose weight, reduce blood sugar levels. Most importantly, it increases the sensitivity of insulin, and this allows you to have the value of glucose in your levels.

The exercises that are recommended are aerobics and tenacity training can help control diabetes. So the biggest benefit is to combine both.

Eat with a lot of fiber

Fiber favors you in many ways such as reducing the chance of getting diabetes because it improves blood sugar control. But it also allows not to suffer from heart disease. In addition the fiber makes you feel full what generates you not to continue eating. So consume fiber in fruits, vegetables, whole grain beans and nuts.

Eat whole grains

For sure, but eating grains reduces the risk of not having diabetes. They also allow blood sugar not to rise. But that if, when consuming grains tries to be integral.

Slimming a little more

Obesity can cause diabetes. By losing kilos, your health will logically improve.

Period to visit the doctor

When you turn 45 you should have routine diabetes exams.
• If you feel fat, or a family member who suffers from diabetes or is sedentary.

• The doctor recommends a medical check-up every three years.

Talk to your doctor about your concerns and how to prevent diabetes. The doctor will welcome your efforts to prevent diabetes and may give you more suggestions, based on your medical history and other factors




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