What is type 1 diabetes?

What is type 1 diabetes?

When talking about type 1 diabetes, it is when the pancreas has no capacity to produce the hormone insulin. So the immune system attacks and eliminates the cells of the pancreas responsible for making this hormone. On the other hand, scientists believe that its origin is related to genes.

In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas can still make insulin, but the body does not respond to this hormone normally. Sugar can stop entering cells and perform its function of providing energy.

This increases the congregation of blood sugar, and makes the pancreas work harder to make more insulin. Then the work that the pancreas does is exhausted and stops producing the insulin that is needed. And that’s why you can’t balance blood sugar values.

Who can suffer from type 1 diabetes?

The disease is very difficult to prevent, and there is no way to determine if it will suffer or not. So fathers and mothers should know how to take care of their children. People who are diagnosed with type diabetes should receive treatment for their entire lives. Teenagers and children when diabetes is discovered should receive insulin daily to control blood glucose.

What is type 1 diabetes?

What is type 1 diabetes?


Symptoms of diabetes 1

The human being can have diabetes and not know it. Signs of diabetes are sometimes not manifested because the symptoms are not always axiomatic. And they take time to develop. The disease can develop gradually or suddenly.
The following factors must be taken into account in children and adolescents who develop type 1 diabetes:

They need to pee a lot

The kidneys respond to a high accumulation of blood sugar by excluding excess glucose through the pee. Infants with high blood sugar require removing more urine and more frequently.

Drink a lot of liquid

Urinating very often causes fluid to be lost, and that is why children feel very thirsty. And so they drink a lot of water to maintain a normal concentration of water in their body. They may also feel tired frequently. In this case, the body stops using glucose as an energy nutrient.

Weight loss

Teenagers and children may feel more appetite. But they lower because your body alters the muscles and the accumulated fat tries to provide energy to your cells.
Sometimes the symptoms indicate that something is wrong. There are situations that the symptoms of the child is urinating in bed. In the case of girls, without being developed they can present vaginal infection.




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